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The Problem of Human Overconsumption


We have been consuming natural resources from the very beginning of human life. It is how we sustain our existence and ensure our survival. However, the consumption of modern humans may have negative effects on the natural environment

Here at Sutras, our sustainable solutions in New York City, New York, have allowed many to live more sustainable lives. We are more than familiar with the overconsumption of our planet’s resources. Let us discuss some negative effects that result from this overconsumption.

  • Scarcity of Important Resources

    Scarcity is bound to happen when we consume more than what we can replenish. We live on a planet with abundant resources. But these resources are finite. 

    Overconsumption threatens our lives as it is a gateway for resource scarcity. Our environmental organization in New York exhausts every effort to ensure we can avoid this as a species. 

  • Waste Generation

    As we try to create a more sustainable environment in New York, we understand that consumption breeds waste. Consuming resources naturally entails waste. Apart from that, overconsumption can sometimes lead to poor allocation of resources. We leave a trail of harmful waste behind our overconsumption. 

  • Deteriorating Natural Environment

    When these effects are combined, we are endowed with a damaged and exhausted natural environment. Depleted resources can make it harder to sustain life on this planet. With harmful waste, our quality of life easily deteriorates as well. 

Overconsumption introduces a range of problems that threaten our existence. It is up to us to take action and adopt environmentally friendly habits in our individual homes and in all of society. Feel free to contact with us to learn more about sustainable solutions.

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